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B&C Aerial Solutions Targets Technical Schools, and Vocational Colleges for New Drone Academy


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Dec. 2, 2019

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Indianapolis, Ind. -- Drone service provider, B&C Aerial Solutions, has announced a new push for affordable and professional UAS education targeting technical schools and vocational colleges as their next source of students.

Entry into the aviation industry can be extremely costly, and for many students they will accumulate $55,000 dollars or more in student loans when attending a traditional 4 year UAS degree program. This new solution by B&C Aerial Solutions will allow students from all financial backgrounds the opportunity to learn about UAS, their capabilities, and specific industry uses on a mass scale.

“Our goal has always been to bring affordable drone education to the masses. Utilizing the technical centers already in place as a medium for getting this information to the masses is something we have wanted to do for some time now.” says Wyatt Bowles, President, B&C Aerial Solutions “With two technology centers in the Great Plains already coming on board with this, and conversations started with other schools in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, we hope to bring a cost saving solution to students who are eager to learn.”

These new education programs at local technical schools and vocational colleges will give access to students who want to pursue a career in the drone industry. Teaching industry specific knowledge as well as where drones are currently being used, their future anticipated uses, and more will all be key pillars of the program.


The program starts by offering students a way to gain their Remote Pilot in Command Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration. The Remote Pilot in Command Certificate is a certificate required in order to operate for commercial hire in the United States. This certificate program is a self-paced, online program offered at a fraction of the cost of many other programs.

The second portion of this program will consist of in person, classroom based theoretical sessions, hands on courses, and will even incorporate the use of simulators for students to practice in a safe environment at their local technology center or vocational school.

As in an indirect effect of these partnerships being built in local communities across the United States, the technical schools and vocational programs who do choose to offer these courses through B&C Aerial Solutions will be able to call themselves pioneers in affordable drone education, and can be proud of helping foster the growth of the next generation of safe, professional, and well trained drone pilots for various industries.

Estimates predict there will be over 100,000 certified remote pilots within the next few years. Students looking to pursue a career in the industry, or within their own respective industries using UAS, will need a differentiator and a competitive edge. This program gives them that leg up on their competition for future openings, and the jobs already exist.

Take for instance the listings currently available with various engineering firms, wind turbine construction companies, solar companies, and petrochemical facilities.

Companies such as Dow-Dupont, Chevron, GE, Yamaha, Phillips Corp, Enel Green Power, and more are looking for trained individuals to operate their UAVs. The number of companies on this list is only expected to grow as drone technology becomes more sophisticated.

Media with questions regarding the program can contact B&C Aerial Solutions at (317) 426-1809 or at Info@IndyBCAerials.com


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