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B&C Aerials Night Time Authorized

B&C Aerial Solutions: Night Time Operations

Under Part 107.29, the Federal Aviation Administration requires that any commercially licensed UAS operator must have a Certificate of Waiver, or CoW, in order to conduct non-hobbyist flights 1 hour after sunset. This week, B&C Aerial Solutions finalized, and had approved by the FAA, our Part 107.29 Daylight Operations Waiver.

With our swath of airspace authorizations, and 1,000+ combined team flight hours, this CoW is just another way our company will continue to bring your team the best service possible and in a professional manner.

So, how do we intend to utilize this CoW to the advantage of our clients? Great question! Many commercial UAS operators do not seem to realize this, but in order to capture relevant and useful thermal data, the best time to capture this is at night a few hours after sunset. During this time you’ll be able to see equipment, rooftops, structures, and other devices which may be putting out too much, or not enough heat. B&C Aerial Solutions will only fly with a radiometric thermal sensor onboard our aircraft. In order to capture the best data we need to conduct many of these flights at night. During the day time, especially the summer months, rooftops, structures, chimney’s, and even telecommunications equipment will be heated up well beyond their normal running temperatures. So, we fly at night.

But thermal projects aren’t our only time we need to fly at night. Working with industrial chimney inspectors, our team has been asked before to collect photos of the aviation lights, and beacons atop a chimney 400’+ in height. Previously, we were unable to collect these photos due to our lack of a 107.29 CoW. Today, we are happy to announce that we will be able to provide these kinds of photos in the future.

The more photos we are able to take from the air, the better. Our number one value has always been safety. Not our goal, but our value. Goals, and priorities change here at B&C Aerial Solutions, but you can trust that our value of safety will always remain constant. When we are able reduce elevated work, and increase the overall safety of a job site, our team is happy with the results.

In the coming months, and years, B&C Aerial Solutions will continue to provide excellent imagery, at an affordable rate, in a professional manner. Our customers are our driving force, and without them we wouldn’t be here. This CoW is set to be just another tool in our kit to provide the data collection and imagery your team needs to increase safety, efficiency, and reduce labor costs.


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