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B&C News: Welcoming Our Newest Member

December 2, 2017



                  Ove the last year and a half, B&C Aerial Solutions has begun providing inspection services, and documentation flights, for some of the largest players in telecom, power and light, renewable energy, and engineering. The purpose for these flights has always been simple. Provide new perspectives on sensitive equipment, in a safer, faster, and cost effective way for the client. These flights have been used to inspect everything from damaged power lines after Hurricane Irma, cell towers during audits, and even the interior walls of industrial chimneys during emergency shut downs. The uses our clients have found for our teams across the country have been endless. But as we grew, and our clients needs became more specific, we realized there was a piece missing from our overall inspection kit.


                  That missing piece was the Flyability Elios. Beginning December 1st, B&C Aerial Solutions will start making available the Elios platform for inspections nation and world wide. This platform from Flyability, has absolutely revolutionized the way we preform complicated infrastructure inspections by use of sUAS. With its powerful 1080 ultra HD camera, and fixed thermal sensor, the Elios provides engineers, maintenance teams, and inspectors with real time views of equipment, structures, and damaged items, all from the safety of the ground. One of the key features which makes the Elios perfect for inspection type work, is the patented revolving cage which encloses the platform, protecting both the equipment it inspects, and the system itself. This "collision tolerant" system has been revolutionary for the UAS inspection industry. 


                  B&C Aerial Solutions launched its Nationwide Pilot Network earlier this year, and over the last several months it has grown from just four active pilots, to over 30. Pilots providing services in Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Arizona, and even Washington State, have all been able to provide detailed views of client projects and sites with the use of their UAS. It is our hope over the next quarter that we are able to train at least one team on the Elios platform in each region of the United States. “This system will only provide a higher quality product, and set our team apart from all the rest. Our goal is simple, and maybe a little cliché, keep going up.” Wyatt Bowles, Director of Flight Operations, B&C Aerial Solutions.


For more information on the Elios drone, follow the links provided above, and to learn more about your company can have the Elios on your next inspection, get in touch with us at info@indycbaerials.com. 

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