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Community Outreach: Greenwood Airport Day 2017

On Saturday, September 29 2017, B&C Aerial Solutions participated in the annual Greenwood Airport Day, where a fleet of EAA members come together each year to share their love of aviation and flying with the younger generations and community of Johnson County. For the last several years, volunteers have been offering up their aircraft, time, and skills behind the yoke for a few hours on a Saturday to help encourage the next generation of airmen. Boys and girls ranging from ages as young as five and six up to their teens all came out to go on what for some is their first ever ride in a real airplane. “Getting these kids in the airplane, even just to a small airport, can sometimes be enough to get them interested in a career in aviation. It really can make the difference.” Wyatt Bowles, Owner of B&C Aerial Solutions. For the first time ever, Roger Tomey, President of the EAA Chapter based in Greenwood asked a Drone Service Company to participate in the event as one of the many vendors in attendance.

Drones are still a relatively new member to the table when it comes to aviation, but with the explosion of Part 107 Certified pilots nationwide, and the growing interest in the next generation for remote systems, having a drone company there may have helped others realize their desire to be part of the group. Nearly 150 community Young Eagles took a ride with certified pilots on Saturday. As they would exit the single engine aircraft with smiles from ear to ear, we are all reminded what the day is truly about.

Along with the Civil Air Patrol, the Boy’s Scout, Greenwood Police and Fire, an Ivy Tech, B&C Aerial Solutions was there reaching out to the community of Johnson and Marion Counties. B&C Aerial Solutions took the day providing demo flights and even letting some of the Young Eagles take a look through the FPV devices, giving them a chance to wave and small for a few photos and videos. “Overall, I’m just excited we were able to be here today. Work has kept us busy lately out of state, but there’s no way I would miss a chance for our team to be here with these volunteers and these great Young Eagles. I can’t wait for next year.” Wyatt Bowles, Owner B&C Aerial Solutions.

Were you at the Greenwood Airport for Airport Day? Send us a message and tell us your thoughts!


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