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Generating Lift: B&C Aerial's Pilot Network Takes Off

Since the founding of B&C Aerial Solutions, the goal has always been simple. Serve clients nationwide, big and small, with the best quality images, and data collection possible. On Monday, a small piece of that goal became reality. B&C Aerial Solutions launched their nationwide pilot network and began serving clients in Georgia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and Illinois. "As the days, weeks, and months pass, we plan to grow into more locations, but already have pilots ready for work in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, North Carolina, Colorado, and even as far west as New Mexico." Wyatt Bowles, Co Founder.

With this network launch comes the opportunity for pilots to find work close to home, and make an impact in their community even. Pilots are ready for work, they want more, and its out there. Our goal is help them make the connection. We want them to get to work! So this is a great way to make sure pilots are staying busy, and earning the pay each of them deserve. Its been a problem in the UAS industry lately that pilots are beginning to feel undervalued, and unprotected. The pilot network by B&C Aerial Solutions, takes those fears away. "When you work for our team, you get the wage you deserve, and you get the work you desire." Each pilot comes with a skillset different from others. One of the challenges B&C Aerial Solutions works to overcome, is the placing of pilot on sites where their skills are needed most. Pilots who specialize in bridge inspections won't be servicing real estate clients, and likewise pilots who specialize in real estate listings won't be working on agriculture projects. We want them working in their niche, making money, and providing clients with excellent service.

As we move forward, this could go anywhere and B&C Aerial Solutions is till looking for more operators in every state, including Alaska and Hawaii. If you're an operator, or your company is interested in providing services through the B&C Aerials network, simply visit our site at www.indybcaerials.com and look for the Pilot Network link. We're ready to serve the United States, and take on the next set of challenges.

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