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Community Outreach: Founders of B&C Aerial Solutions Meet with Local EAA Chapter

For the last several years, unmanned systems, more commonly referred to as drones, have peaked the interest of everyone from our neighborhood kids, to construction companies and oil and gas professionals. On last week, the founders of B&C Aerial Solutions had the unique chance to share not only their company with members of EAA Chapter 1354 at the Greenwood airport, but serve the UAS industry as ambassadors for entire UAS community.

"Sharing our business is always something we enjoy doing, but being part of the community, and sharing our passion for UAS, is something we live for." said Kathleen Church, a founding partner of B&C Aerial Solutions. B&C Aerial Solutions has only been around for roughly a year and a half, but they've already made strides for their own team, and even some recent graduates of Indiana State University. B&C Aerials now contracts two positions to members of the Indiana State University community. One of them a current student.

"Our goal when we started this operation was to have some extra cash flow, and maybe even pay for some of our schooling. I wouldn't have guessed that a year and a half later we would be working a government contract and inspecting cell towers." Wyatt Bowles the second founding partner of B&C Aerials had to say when asked about the company goals and how it all began.

The meeting on Thursday was the first of its kind for the local EAA Chapter. "When Roger asked me to come speak with the group about drones and our company, I couldn't have been happier." Roger Tomey, President of the EAA Chapter in Greenwood, was a previous ground instructor for Wyatt when he was first starting his aviation career five years ago. Wyatt says he has been a great mentor in the past, and is happy to call Roger a friend today. The purpose of this discussion was aimed to open the floor for discuss between local aviators and a certified UAS operations team. With the regulations having been on the books for just under a year, everything is still very new, and the changes are likely to come as the FAA and unmanned community work together to improve aviation operations for all involved.

"Though the rules are still new, I believe they are serving the pilots who operate under them well - to an extent. There's room for improvement, and I hope we can see those sooner rather than later." Wyatt Bowles said when asked about his current views on the new Part 107 regulations. Over the next several years, B&C Aerial Solutions will be part of a growing industry which is estimated to peak out in the tens of billions of dollars in worth by 2021. With so many uses for these advanced craft, and the consistent improvements being made to drones as a whole, they're here to stay. Whether you're in the real estate game, construction, or management of oil and gas transmission lines, drones are a real key to success. It will be a curious adventure to see where these systems will take us over the next several years.

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