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4 Reasons to Start Using UAS (drones) On Construction Sites.

As time moves forward, we are going to start seeing more and more of those unmanned systems the news calls "drones" flying around. Some of us are already seeing how drones can absolutely revolutionize the way we manage and inspect commercial developments and construction projects. But, if you're still on the fence about hiring a drone operator to work on your construction sites, check out these four reasons!

1.) Cost Savings

Let's be honest, when we talk about saving money, everyone's ears perk up. As they should! Saving money is a good thing, but saving hundreds of thousands, even millions over the course of the year? That's almost unbelievable! (almost) Drones are saving construction teams around the world money every day on site. Their uses for mapping, quick surveying, aerial 3D modeling capability, inspection power, and more all provide a cost savings to companies large and small. What a person can walk, document, and photograph in several days, a drone can do in hours, or in some cases minutes. Less time on site = more money in your budgets!

2.) Safety

Those pesky rules that OSHA puts out for us each year always seem to cumbersome and difficult to adjust to with each change, but what if we told there was a way to increase the daily safety of your teams on site by use of a drone? By having a drone do periodic sweeps of entire sites, you can more easily identify potential hazards, before they become one. Using a drone to document areas where crews need to manage their work in greater detail, and then even provide them with the images a drone took, can be the important game changer your company is looking for in terms of safety.

3.) Site Management

The endless possibilities of drones aren't found anywhere else quite like the construction site. From managing progression of construction, mapping of materials usage, volumetric measurements, 3D models at various stages, 2D annotatable maps, and the exporting of this data into various other CAD tools, and management softwares, can not only stream line your work, but make it more interesting and efficient. Drones can collect all that data, and more, in just a few flights each week. You'll be able to manage your sites more frequently from far away as time goes on. Drones will change the way you look at sites overall, from planning to ribbon cutting.

4.) Bring In The Stakeholders

This process isn't always easy. As we finish new phases, and the project comes together into what was envisioned, we want to show off our hard work and completion of stages. We have two options here, bring the investors in and show them from the ground, or take the drone up and show off the land and project from above. This is a great way to keep your investors in the loop if the project is in a remote location, or if they can't make a trip to the site itself. We want to keep these folks the happiest and continue to keep them informed during the duration of the project.

5.) BONUS!

Didn't we say "4 Reasons"? Marketing a large project and build can be difficult with the use of a standard handheld camera. So, the best way to market is with a 4K Ultra HD camera from the air! Drones have changed the way we can market projects. Their usefulness for marketing was initially discovered in real estate listings. Now, we are using them for the same purposes on construction sites nationwide!

Check back for more reasons to use drones on construction sites, and more in the coming months!

Already using drones in construction? We want to hear from you. Contact B&C Aerial Solutions to get your story out there, and maybe find more ways to use these advanced systems.




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