Commercial Drone Solutions for the Energy Industry

Flexible on demand services. Our commercial drone pilots are trained on various sensors and platforms to give you the highest quality aerial data for any project. Our teams are deployable and can be on site in a matter of hours. 

Drone Line Patrol

After a storm, or just another day in the field, drones have taken to the sky to quickly inspect, and collect thousands of photos for cooperatives, and utility providers. We offer a one stop shop for your ROW and Storm outage needs. We'll collect the data, and provide a full report of our findings, costs associated, and more. 

Asset Inspections

Seeing it from the ground just won't do anymore. You need close up, high definition aerial imagery to carefully inspect critical components. That's where we come in. Over 200 MW of solar and wind sites have been inspected by our team, and the number grows each year. Faster, safer, effective. That's our advantage. 


On Call Services

Have someone on your team full time as an operator? Thats great! Let us supplement them. Utility companies who have just a few drone pilots on hand at a time will be easily overwhelmed when a mass outage occurs.


We have affordable retention rates for our utility customers who want to have us on call, or just want us to be there to answer regulatory questions and navigate this new technology. 

Call us today to discuss how we can supplement your existing operations. 


Construction technology has come a long way, and so have the ways we manage our sites. At B&C Aerials, we provide your team with visual observations designed to not only keep you on time, but ahead of schedule. We work with your company to pinpoint areas of concern and develop a set schedule to give you the best results for your money. Using a drone on the work site can change the environment's safety, help identify areas of clean up, and more. Let us help your team get off the ground. Call for a free on site demonstration.